Tuesday, March 10, 2009

To Honor a Most Glorious Saint

Saint Joseph.

Head of the Holy Family.

Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Protector, provider and foster-father to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The bible tells us that Joseph was a just man.

Not just a man. A just man.

Various definitions of just tell us that means Joseph was 'fair, upright and honest'. Another definition says that just means 'free from self-interest'.

That makes alot of sense to me. Joseph put God first. Joseph put Jesus' and Mary's interests ahead of his own.

Yet another definition of just is 'of moral excellence'. Very likely some understatement here. At least by what modern society deems moral excellence.

For God the Father to ordain Joseph to fulfil the role of earthly father to His Only Son, nothing short of moral excellence would do.

He was the spouse of the Immaculate Conception. He held the Infant Jesus. He loved them, and protected them, prayed with them, worked and laughed with them. He knew as no other humans have had the opportunity to know Our Lord and Our Lady.

So he was not just a man.

St. Joseph was a just man.

And we should honor him for it.

The March 19th feast day of St. Joseph approaches, commemorated by an annual solemn novena held at the National Shrine of St. Joseph. The Shrine is located in DePere, WI, in care of the Norbertine Order. If you would like petitions delivered for the novena, please contact the Norbertines at

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