Thursday, March 5, 2009

Catholic Muscle

Did you ever hear of something over-the top offensive to the Catholic faith and say to yourself "Why isn't anyone doing anything to stop this?"
Well, there are a number of Catholic crusaders, possibly caped, fighting the good fight.
Front and center is the Catholic League's Bill Donahue.
His in- your- face style leaves no question as to where the Catholic League stands on an issue.
One of his latest fights is a preemptive strike against anti-Catholic forces in Hollywood.

Production is underway of the cinematic version of Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown's book Angels and Demons.

The Catholic League issued a statement yesterday lambasting the movie, complete with undercover insights as to the film's reported anti-Catholic agenda.

“Besides the fact that both producers admit their films are anti-Catholic, we now know, thanks to Father Bernard O’Connor, that their sentiments are typical of those working on the latest movie. O’Connor hung out with the film crew last summer for two days when they were filming in Rome; he was dressed casually, so no one knew he was a priest.

“A person self-described as a ‘production official,’ told the Canadian priest that Brown spoke for the majority of those working on the movie when he said, ‘Like most of us, he [Brown] often says that he would do anything to demolish that detestable institution, the Catholic Church.’ He credited the media for the ‘demise’ of the Church. This same person opined that the Catholic Church ‘is humanity’s chief enemy,’ adding that this sentiment is reflective of those in Hollywood.

Donahue challenges anyone associated with the movie to a debate.

Read the full release here
Archives have a flurry of recent releases relating to this. And lots of other bare-knuckled Catholic-defending opinions.

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