Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Socialized Medicine ? No thank you.

Following Father Corapi's interview on church opposition to socialism ( see 3/15/09 post), I've been mulling what several of the Obama Administration's proposed plans means for America.

Socialized medicine, or 'free health care' is among the most troubling.

First and foremost, it means federal funding of so many things Happy to Be Catholics must oppose. Abortions, for starters. Fetal stem cell research, all types of birth control, and euthanasia.

We've already been informed that Catholic hospitals will close if forced to deliver abortion services. So what would their fate be under a socialized plan?

But a temptation to look the other way because of the 'free' price tag remains.

Breaking news from Britain's National Health Service, their socialized medicine program, provides insight as to what lies ahead for American citizens if we continue down this road.

I have no confidence a system like this will be good for our country. And his plan to fund it by a massive tax increase seems positively insane, especially now. Something tells me they've underestimated the enormous cost associated with delivering even such substandard care.

The last thing our country needs is another few trillion dollars worth of debt.

Doesn't the Bible tell us that debt - which is all they seem to be handing us - is a curse, and children - who are viewed by this administration as disposable when unplanned or needed for research - are a blessing?

Please join me in praying that President Obama's plans to socialize our country's government are stopped and that private sector alternatives - preferably faith-based - are encouraged and allowed to flourish.

This is still the land of liberty. And for now, I am still allowed to pray as I choose.

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