Saturday, March 21, 2009

No Excuse, YouTube

This is an abomination.

The uber-blasphemous video, ' Jesus Juice ' remains on YouTube. It looks as though it has been hosted by YouTube for THREE MONTHS.

Seriously, would something so heinous, so offensive to another faith be allowed to remain on YouTube for three months? Three weeks? Three days?

I am guessing it would be more like three hours, after which the video would be yanked with profuse apologies to a host of groups representing whomever was offended.
But offending Catholics doesn't appear to be on the radar screen over there at YouTube.

In the event that they are unaware of the existence of the 'Jesus Juice' video- please take a minute, click the link above (I paused it so I would not have to watch) and flag the video as inappropriate. You'll be asked why you find the video offensive - I selected 'hate' - inciting hateful action against a 'protected group' - in this case, The Body of Christ, our Catholic Church.
And please pray for this man, who appears to be obsessed with hating the God he claims doesn't exist.
May the very real, very merciful God help him.


  1. I went on and flagged it! Thanks for pointing it out!

    And thank you for visiting my site and praying for me. That is very kind and much appreciated.

    God bless you.

  2. Awesome, Michael! You are a warrior, just like a certain saint of the same name.

    God Bless YOU!