Friday, August 28, 2009

A Tale of Three Mothers

I am an adoptive parent. I recently stopped at a local parish to request Masses for the biological mothers of my children. I am concerned for them always, but have reason to believe that my son’s mother is very much in need of prayer at the moment.

I entered the parish office to request the Masses.

“Do you need them yet this year?” the woman behind the desk inquired.

“No, no.” I said, not wanting to be pushy. “The Masses can be said whenever it works for you.”

“Oh, great.” she said, grabbing her Mass schedule and flipping through pages. “Let me see when the next available Mass is... how does Oct. 24th* work?” she asked.

“Great,” I said, and began filling out a paper with the spelling of my son’s biological mother’s name. As I handed her the paper, I peered down over the counter at the scheduling book. I noticed that she had actually scheduled the Mass for the following date, October 25th.

“The 25th?!” I blurted out without thinking. The lady behind the desk looked up, startled.

“What? Oh my goodness,” she laughed. “I don’t know why I did that. I had my pencil on the 24th and it just moved down there to the 25th."

She looked up at me again and saw that tears we were welling in my eyes. “ Do you want me to change it? I can move it to the 24th.”

“No,” I said, smiling. “That day is perfect." I paused for a moment, then decided to explain. "This Mass intention is for my son's biological mother. The 25th is his birthday.”

She gasped, then rubbed her arm and showed me her goosebumps. I smiled, thanked her and headed toward the tabernacle to say thank you to Our Lord.

Before I entered, I waved to the statue of Our Lady, still blinking back tears.

"Thank you, Mother" I whispered, and I meant it with all my heart.

She is so good.

* date changed to protect the identity of those involved


  1. You are such a dear person. God bless you. You have a big heart. I will say a prayer for this mother too. Your son, in you, has the best mother in the whole world. You are a kind and giving person and he is so blessed to have you. God works in strange ways doesn't he? I loved your post.

  2. What a kind thing to do to ask for masses for the biological mothers! Your story would cause goosebumps -- but God does these things all the time (perhaps more often than we notice), so I come to expect them. (That does not mean that I am not grateful; it just means that I am not surprised.)

    How lucky your adoptive children are to have someone who would treat their birth mothers in this way!

  3. You really are wonderful. I will keep you, your son, and his biological parents in my prayers.

    (And I got goosebumps as I read your story.)


  4. Isn't SHE good?! ☺ Ah! (deep happy sigh!) I just LOVE Our Lady! What a beautiful, beautiful story dear soul! THANK YOU for sharing it with us! Yet another witness to the tender mercies of the intercession of the Blessed Mother.

    And HappyC (I have decided to call you that! ha!) what a generous thing to do ... offering Masses for your son's 'other mother'! ♥ It speaks volumes about you!

    As for the 'coincidence' ... we know there are no such things. God will not be outdone in generosity, which is why He gave us such a mother as Mary and why He had her arrange things for you on the 25th, yes?! ☺ ♥

    Peace! ^j^