Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jeff Kuhner: Voice of Truth

No, it is not your imagination. There really is an anti-Catholic bias in much of the media.

Thankfully there is a rising star among their ranks who is bold, brilliant and unabashedly Catholic.

Jeffrey Kuhner is an eloquent and impassioned columnist for the Washington Times. His most recent column, which will undoubtedly bring a smile to the faces of HappytoBeCatholics, can be found here.

A former professor from Canada's prestigious McGill University, Kuhner reportedly stood out among the impressive faculty for possessing one of those impossibly big brains crammed full of knowledge on a multitude of subjects. This gift, coupled with quick wit and lightning recall, resulted in his classes being crammed with eager and attentive students who knew they were in for something special.

Good news for the American public... Kuhner is a frequent guest host on many syndicated talk radio shows. I happened upon him yesterday as I was station hopping, and he was guest hosting the Michael Savage Show. The discussion was on current events, not faith, but it was really wonderful to know the man behind the microphone sees the world through Catholic eyes.

More from Jeff Kuhner can be found in the archives of the Washington Times, or at the Edmund Burke Institute for American Renewal.

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  1. Yes, there is an anti-Catholic (anti-God!) prejudice to our media! Thank you for letting me know about this 'voice crying out in the wilderness'. I'll be on the look-out for him! Thank you!!

    God bless!