Sunday, August 2, 2009

St John Vianney: Spiritual Warrior

Of the many wondrous thing about St. John Vianney's life, his battle with the Infernal Enemy merits special attention as the work of a true servant of God.

The Devil harassed St. John Vianney frequently. The saint permitted himself only a few hours of sleep a night, as mortification and to accommodate the many pilgrims who came to Ars to go to confession with the Curé. The Devil tormented St. John Vianney during the night, disturbing even those few precious moments of sleep. Visitors to the parish would hears the screeches and loud banging that the Enemy used to wake the poor Curé, and this harassment followed him even when he was away from Ars on occasion. The Devil even set St. John Vianney's bed on fire one night! St. John Vianney defeated the Devil with weapons that we all should strive to possess: humility, love of Jesus and complete obedience to God. These are weapons the Devil does not understand, and victory over the most intelligent of angels through the humblest of humans gives spectacular testament to the unfathomable glory of God Almighty.

Humble Curé, please, please pray for the United States before the throne of God. Intercede so the Enemy may no longer use the pride of men to destroy laws which uphold our God-given liberties. Turn our hearts and minds to Jesus, in gratitude and praise forever. Amen.


O Holy Priest of Ars, the infamous attacks of the devil which you had to suffer and the trials which disheartened you by fatigue would not make you give up the sublime task of converting souls. The devil came to you for many years to disturb your short rest but you won because of mortification and prayers. Powerful protector, you know the temptor's desire to harm my baptized and believing soul. He would have me sin, by rejecting the Holy Sacraments and the life of virtue. But good Saint of Ars dispel from me the traces of the enemy.Holy Priest of Ars, I have confidence in your intercession. Pray for me during this novena especially for ... (mention silently your special intentions).

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be.

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  1. I never really thought about those things as "weapons" ... but you are right ... they are! And we need to continually be on guard. You know, when I hear about how much time Saints like John spent with God, I'm almost embarrassed to think about how I compare. We are lucky God gave them to us as examples to strive for!