Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Divine Mercy Day Five, Divided States of America?

President Obama would have the world believe that, despite our name, we are a nation divided.

The proffered premise: he represents a nation of fractured faith, certainly not a Christian nation. Jesus can't unite America, or the world for that matter, but he can.


A recent Newsweek poll of 1,003 American adults found that 62 percent consider the United States to be Christian.

You will recall that Barack Obama won the election with 52.92% of the vote, not quite ten percent less than Jesus.

So, who better represents America?

However misleading his remarks, Obama does highlight a good point. The world is full of division.

One need look no further than Notre Dame University to see examples of division within our own faith. Interestingly enough, the Greek roots of the English word diabolic is 'to divide' or 'to tear apart'

Jesus is pained by division in the Church. He revealed that to St. Faustina when He asked that today we bring Him all the souls who have left the faith or those who deliberately disturb harmony in the Church.

But find solace in His words " As they return to the Church my wounds heal..."

Divine Mercy Novena

Fifth Day

"Today bring to Me the Souls of those who have separated themselves from My Church*,
and immerse them in the ocean of My mercy. During My bitter Passion they tore at My Body and Heart, that is, My Church. As they return to unity with the Church My wounds heal and in this way they alleviate My Passion."

Most Merciful Jesus, Goodness Itself, You do not refuse light to those who seek it of You. Receive into the abode of Your Most Compassionate Heart the souls of those who have separated themselves from Your Church. Draw them by Your light into the unity of the Church, and do not let them escape from the abode of Your Most Compassionate Heart; but bring it about that they, too, come to glorify the generosity of Your mercy.Eternal Father, turn Your merciful gaze upon the souls of those who have separated themselves from Your Son's Church, who have squandered Your blessings and misused Your graces by obstinately persisting in their errors. Do not look upon their errors, but upon the love of Your own Son and upon His bitter Passion, which He underwent for their sake, since they, too, are enclosed in His Most Compassionate Heart. Bring it about that they also may glorify Your great mercy for endless ages.


*Our Lord's original words here were "heretics and schismatics," since He spoke to Saint Faustina within the context of her times. As of the Second Vatican Council, Church authorities have seen fit not to use those designations in accordance with the explanation given in the Council's Decree on Ecumenism (n.3). Every pope since the Council has reaffirmed that usage. Saint Faustina herself, her heart always in harmony with the mind of the Church, most certainly would have agreed. When at one time, because of the decisions of her superiors and father confessor, she was not able to execute Our Lord's inspirations and orders, she declared: "I will follow Your will insofar as You will permit me to do so through Your representative. O my Jesus " I give priority to the voice of the Church over the voice with which You speak to me" (497). The Lord confirmed her action and praised her for it.

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