Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Gender Test Kit

I saw this article on the 'Gender Test Kit' and a comment Fr. John Corapi once made about cloning came to mind.

"Not everything we are able to do, is something that we should do."

The developers and manufacturers of the Gender Test Kit must have all sorts of reasons why it was a good idea for expectant parents to be able to determine the sex of their baby in the convenience of their own homes as early as two months into the pregnancy.
I assume the logic went something like this...
Decorating the nursery and planning baby showers would be so much easier.

It's still a surprise...they're just surprised seven months earlier.

Of course this is capitalizing on the impatience of a generation accustomed to instant gratification. Microwave cooking, music downloads, and movies-on-demand are often 'too slow' for folks today.

How can people reasonably be expected to wait nine months to find out the sex of their children?

So...did the thought that a family, say saddled with two girls and desperately longing for a boy, might purchase this kit to determine whether or not to have their child or abort it, enter into the discussion?

I suspect so. Maybe they said

What they do with our kit is their choice. We're just providing a service.

or , they might have been indignant at the thought...
Honestly! China aside, if parents care enough to buy this kit, they are not going to murder their own child over something as silly as the sex of the baby.

Oh yes they would.
Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.

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