Sunday, May 17, 2009

Catholic Clarity

National Review Online editor Kathryn Jean Lopez caught up with Archbishop Raymond Burke on his recent visit to the United States.

Lopez made the most of her opportunity to interview the head of the Vatican’s Supreme Court, seeking guidance for the faithful on a variety of critical issues. Among the topics were the Notre Dame controversy, pro-abortion ‘Catholic’ elected officials, and consecrated virgins.

In the following excerpt, Burke offers perspective for Catholics who may have voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 election.

LOPEZ: You seemed to make very clear that Catholic voters collaborated with evil when they voted for Obama. If you’re Catholic and did, do you have to confess this now that Mexico City, embryo-destructive funding, among other things, have happened?

ARCHBISHOP BURKE: If a Catholic knowingly and deliberately votes for a person who is in favor of the most grievous violations of the natural moral law, then he has formally cooperated in a grave evil and must confess his serious sin. Since President Obama clearly announced, during the election campaign, his anti-life and anti-family agenda, a Catholic who knew his agenda regarding, for example, procured abortion, embryonic-stem-cell research, and same-sex marriage, could not have voted for him with a clear conscience.

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