Saturday, May 30, 2009

Russia: Sheeple Watching

Russian newspaper Pravda ('Truth') has an interesting take on the state of affairs in the U.S.A.

While Pravda is not known for accurate reporting, I link to the article because they smartly recognize the collapse of liberty in the United States. Now those who have never known true freedom seem to watch with smug satisfaction as ours is snatched away under the guise of 'hope' and 'change'.
I recall feeling hope myself and happiness too, as communism appeared to have crumbled a decade ago. I thought finally, the Russian people might have a chance to enjoy freedom. It never occurred to me that one day they might be welcoming us to their party.

May God help us.

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  1. I read this article the other day and had the exact same thoughts! Your last line is a stunner. Well put.