Friday, March 18, 2011

Go to Joseph

March 19th is the Solemnity of St. Joseph, arguably one of the most special days in the Catholic Calendar.

My devotion to St. Joseph is so profound that I have a hard time articulating how much this great saint has enriched my faith.

He is so many things - father, husband, protector, provider. Confidant, caretaker, carpenter. Humble, holy, chaste, just.

Of all the men who ever lived, God chose JOSEPH to be the husband of the Mother of Our Lord.

He chose JOSEPH to be the earthly father or Our Lord. Think how many of the world's elite - kings, billionaires, celebrities - would give anything in their power for the opportunity to shake the hand of Our Lord. Joseph held Him, fed Him, clothed Him and protected Him from death. He taught Him his trade. He and Mary were responsible for shaping the human nature of Our Lord. Joseph held His hand as he took some of His first Earthly steps.

He taught the child Jesus so many things. He watched the infant Jesus sleep. He hugged him close and kissed Our Lord goodnight.

Our Lord asked Joseph for permission to do certain things. Joseph granted Our Lord permission.

Can you even fathom having Our Lord ask you for permission to leave the workroom and get ready for dinner?

If there is anyone who can help you love Jesus more, who can help you to love Our Lady more, it is the man who loved them so much while they were on the Earth.

Please, please learn more about this great saint.

Everything that I have ever asked of him in prayer has been granted. Read what St. Teresa of Avila says about that.

I recommend reading

The Life of St. Joseph;

Places of Pilgrimage:

St. Joseph's Oratory ( Montreal, Canada) The story of the humble doorkeeper and the great Saint Joseph will amaze and inspire you. One of my favorite places on Earth!

The National Shrine of St. Joseph (DePere, WI) A somewhat hidden, serene and holy place for prayer. Coincidentally, or maybe not, this shrine is located just miles from the only approved Marian apparition site in the United States. A fantastic place for a family pilgrimage, you can also check out Lambeau field, home of the Superbowl Champion Green Bay Packers!

Happy Solemnity, wonderful, holy St. Joseph.

And thank you so much for every favor, every grace you have ever given me.

I love you very much.


  1. St. Joseph heard and answered my special prayer to him on his feast day this year. This is a beautiful post and tribute to him. On my father's side of the family, all the boys had Joseph as their second name. I thought it was such a sweet tradition. I didn't have any boys of my own, but I hope if any of my daughter's have sons they might continue it on. There, that's another prayer, St. Joseph! ☺

    Thank you for this Happy Catholic!

  2. What a great perspective on St Joseph! I really wish we knew more about him from the Evangelists ...

    God Bless you!