Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Real Presence: He Waits Patiently

I recall the first time that I heard the song One of These Days by the group Far From Home. The powerful lyrics "One of these days, I am going to see the hands that took the nails for me..." moved me deeply, a reminder that one day I really will meet Jesus.


Then I tonight I came across this article, one of countless inspiring reflections on the Real Presence. The words of St. Teresa of Avila struck a chord as just yesterday I wondered what it must have been like to have lived during the time Jesus was on Earth.

What was it like for people outside the ‘word of mouth’ region - people who may not have heard of the miracles of the Messiah?

Did these people feel any different as their Savior walked on the Earth at the same time they did?

Was His presence palpable?

Turns out I don't have to wonder.

"I cannot doubt at all Your Presence in the Eucharist. You have given me such a lively faith that when I hear others say they wish they had been living when you were on earth, I laugh to myself, for I know that I possess you as truly in the Blessed Sacrament as people did then, and I wonder what more anyone could possibly want."
St. Teresa of Avila, Doctor of the Church

So many of us, myself included, drive by churches, hurrying to do things that are "important". If I really and truly believe in the Real Presence, then why would I spend one free minute away from Him?

Please go see Him this week.

Maybe a daily Mass, or a few moments before the Blessed Sacrament.
An hour of adoration would be wonderful. There is even online perpetual adoration if you aren't able to get to a church.

He burns with Love beyond anything that we can understand.

He, the King of Kings, waits patiently for us.

Then one day, when you see the hands that took the nails for you, you will rejoice that you chose to spend time with Him here on Earth.


  1. What a beautiful post! And ironically, I was *just* thinking today about what it was like for people who heard about Jesus through the grapevine during His life here on Earth (and people who were so close but didn't hear). I really didn't come to any conclusions or epiphanies ... it was really just mind-wandering. But your post - and the quote from St. Theresa - gave me something to reflect on. Thank you for that. God Bless you!

  2. This is truly a beautiful post! I loved the song. I have often wondered what it is like for people not to walk with Jesus here on earth. Who do they turn to in times of need? Who do they share their daily life with? Who do they celebrate their good times with? Who do they really feel safe with? If I did not have my faith I would have nothing. Thank you for this post. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.