Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wasting the Precious Gift of Time

I meant to post several items today - really good, interesting things about St. Joseph. "Oh good, HappytoBeCatholic." you might say. "I love St. Joseph, and can't wait to read this entry. But could you help me...I'm having a little trouble finding any current posts about him."
Of course it is not you, it is me. Tonight HappytoBeCatholic is guilty of of squandering one of God's most precious gifts - the gift of time.
Of course I did have work and family matters to attend to throughout much of the day. But for the last hour I have been reading Internet gossip sites. I mean, really - is there a bigger waste of time?
I will have to stand before the Lord some day and account for each of those lost minutes. I will have to say that I chose to use God's precious gift of time reading about people who I do not know, knowing full well that their business is none of my business, even though they are celebrities of one manner or another. And the information was often mean-spirited or unverified, and very possibly untrue.

Gossip is a sin. Of course I know that, and I still did it anyway.


So...a special prayer found in TAN Books The Seven Capital Sins, applies.

My Resolution for Today

I resolve this day:

To do all in my power to resist evil and to do good.

To fulfill all the responsibilities of my state in life faithfully.

To observe kindness and honesty in all contacts with my fellowmen.

To preserve complete purity of soul.

If I should be tempted to evil, I will repeat in my heart the words, “Do what is right; Be right; Be cheerful!”

That I may be able to keep this resolution, I ask the help of God, my Creator.

I am still mad at myself but I felt a little better when I saw this description of the The Seven Capital Sins on Tan's website:

Everyone, unfortunately, will see himself described in the pages of this little book, since all our sins are traceable to these seven roots: Pride, Covetousness (Avarice), Lust, Anger, Gluttony, Envy and Sloth. The Seven Capital Sins explains the true nature, degrees, acts and family relationships (or connecting links) among these seven vices, and it gives the remedies and safeguards against them.

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  1. HC - I have certainly wasted much more time than you just did. We are all guilty of falling from time to time ... but I know we can all grow stronger together. You do a wonderful thing for God's kingdom by posting to this blog frequently. Don't lose sight of that. God Bless you, and happy 4th.